Did you know that Duvets are the perfect place for Bed Bugs and Dust Mites to live. A double Duvet can be alive with as many as 30,000 of them. Allergens produced by Dust Mites can often cause allergic reactions and in some people cause asthma attacks and respiratory illness. Bacteria can infect lesions on your skin and can cause conjunctivitis

Experts recommend that Duvets should be cleaned at least every six months and 3 months for children’s Duvets in an effective process to ensure the removal of allergens that are present. Mr Duvets process will ensure your Duvets are sterilised and refreshed.

In homes where there are dogs and cats Duvets can very often be contaminated with dog and cat dander which is saliva and skin cells, these are common allergens and Mr Duvet’s process will eradicate any dander present.