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You only have to see the volume of dresses we clean to see how experienced we are and our Google reviews.


We do not charge by value of the dress unlike some cleaners, (doing that basically gives the cleaner an opportunity to overcharge you as there is no justifiable reason to charge by the value). We charge by the amount of work involved in the cleaning process.


For example we recently cleaned a Temperley dress made from raw silk which was purchased for over £5000 but it was relatively easy to clean due to not being heavily soiled and the fabric content.


We then cleaned another make dress that was purchased for £300 but was covered in red wine, white wine, makeup, tanning creams, shoe polish where trodden on and general grime from the wedding venue floor and outside dirt from a wet day. As you can imagine a long train would drag across all surfaces.

Both dresses looked 'like new' after. 

All dresses are packaged in our clear fronted covers.

Boxes are available at a cost of £42  (depending on size) (this includes professional packing with acid free tissue paper)

We recommend that all dresses are viewed prior to boxing. This is because many people collect the dress that has been boxed and then remove it from the box to look at the cleaning results. Unfortunately it is then difficult for the customer to re-box the dress to the same standard as we have and also can cause unnecessary creases to the garment. All boxes have viewing windows.





We specialise in the cleaning of wedding dresses of all makes and designs. 

We are recommended by many bridal shops

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